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Tarot Card Readings


Fast Horse

Helping people find peace in their world

Fast Horse Tarot Card Reading

Helping a client

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Tarot Card Readings


Fast Horse

Fast Horse's gifts of insight have been with him from an early age when he would walk up to people he did not know and tell them things about themselves. He could see their auras and their spirit guides. The Tarot Cards came as a tool to help people find peace in their lives. At a very young age, Fast horse was drawn to study and practice the Oglala Lakota Culture and Spirituality and has spent time on the Pine Ridge Reservation where he received his spirit name of Fast Horse. He still honors and practices these traditions. Born in Long Branch, NJ, Fast Horse has always had a love of life, animals and nature, especially horses. He has ridden and shown horses throughout Europe and across the United States. He has trained thoroughbred race horses, foaled mares and helped horses with their people problems throughout the country. He loves to share his gifts with others, to be of service to those in need. One of his many talents is finding lost pets and people!

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Kim Fox 

To:[email protected]

Apr 23 at 10:42 AM

Hi Fast Horse!!

Thank you so much for reading my tarot cards for me.  I was simply blown away by how spot on you were!! Everything you were saying made total sense to me!! Your soft spoken nature put my nerves at ease and I was really able to listen to what you were saying.  I have told anyone who will listen how fabulous it was!! I can not wait to do this again!!! You truly are a gifted person!! 

All my best,

Kim Fox

Kimba Angel Readings‎ to A Tarot Card Reading with Fast Horse

I had a fabulous reading with Fast Horse. He was compassionate, empathetic, funny & delivery on point. If you are looking for a Psychic to tell you - your past, present & future, this is the person you want to see! A genuinely good person who doesn't 'phish' during the reading which is so commonplace with people who don't know what they're doing. Fast Horse is the real deal!! 5 star!!! ​

Reading Tarot Cards at the MUM Expo 2015.

I had a fabulous reading with Fast Horse. He was compassionate, empathetic, funny & delivery on point. If you are looking for a Psychic to tell you - your past, present & future, this is the person you want to see! A genuinely good person who doesn't 'phish' during the reading which is so commonplace with people who don't know what they're doing. Fast Horse is the real deal!! 5 star!!!



I just wanted to let you know that your readings for me has all come true. All the things that the cards says and your spirit guides as well. It is surprisingly scarily accurate. I can't say enough good things for all the revelations you have provided me. It isn't often and frequent enough for me to say that I get a really accurate reading, but your answers to my questions really gave me insight as to what direction I should take with the choices provided to me.

Again, with sincere thanks,

Wendy L.


Helping a client work through life challenges,

with a Tarot Card reading.

Working with Tarot Cards, to find the highest, greatest good for all.

Tarot Card Readings by Fast Horse

Helping a client.

Helping a client find peace, with a

Tarot Card reading.

I am honored to be

Reading Tarot cards

At these Events.

Stop on by and say Hi.

I will be reading Tarot Cards at the MUM Expo, May19th and 20th.

Painting a picture with Tarot Cards,

at Purple Sage Expo, 2017.

     Fast Horse is sure to inspire at StaarCon!!

Here is a bit about his presentation.

Fast Horse will share stories and insights from his career as a professional tarot reader. From those stories you will learn techniques and perspectives that will help you on your unique tarot journey.


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"Fast Horse, is a truly gifted reader and tarot commentator, able to offer guidance from the cards with wisdom, practicality and experience” -

Steven Bright, author of ‘Tarot: Your Personal Guide’ and ‘The Oracle Creator.

On April 14, 2018 I had my second reading by you. Part anxious, part excited. My first reading was in 2016 and thought I was on a smooth road when your reading showed

me differently

     What was more impressive is not just that you were able to alert me to what was to come but the words of advise you gave me truly helped me handle those situations. You have turned a skeptic into a true believer. I am honored to be able to experience the gift in which you share with so many. Thank you, truly grateful to consider you my reader.

Diane Brewster

~ Fast Horse guides one supportively through the Tarot via very in depth and mindful interpretation!

Being a reader myself, I gained insight, inspiration and knowledge to further my and Spiritual Process, through Fast Horse. I, also, often send family and friends his way to receive the unique & thorough way which he gives guidance and teaching.

~~Kate B.

Giving a Tarot Card reading, for a client, at Stonehenge Gardens. January, 2014.


Fast Horse,

The reading you provided to me was 100% correct, from this date forward I will be in to see you on a monthly basis, your reading provide me the relief I needed from all the anxiety that I was experiencing.

You are Fantastic

Thank you,

George A.

Harrisburg PA

Denise Lee Coppens Glad you had a great day!! Your are great reader of course people want readings from you!! My friend Angela Bowman said you were dead on for her and she thanks you. You were right about what you told her according to things that just transpired in life.. she couldn't be happier...

"To whom it may concern,                   11/6/2013

I have never met Fast Horse in person.

My contact with him has been only in written form.

I spoke on the phone with him ONE TIME...

That one time was for a telephone .

May I also add this : I am 50 years old & not one single time have I EVER had my cards read..

It's not that I'm a true skeptic...It's that I think most people are full of shit regarding these types of readings ..

The call was pleasant but what Fast Horse was telling me

made no sense to me .

He said I was going to go through MAJOR changes..

He said my line of work would be SALES..AND he

said I would be MOVING...

This all seemed so very WRONG the time....since I had been married & lived in the same house for 15 years..

Here it is ONE YEAR later.....I got DIVORCED...I MOVED...

I am a top producing sales person...

I had been in the medical profession for 25 years...SALES??? Really??? YES !!! All of it Came to be...

Fast Horse called it …

By the way..All this stuff has made me so happy .. I'm also in love with a sweetheart of a man & my son is doing perfect..

A year later I HAD to tell Fast Horse he was right !!!"

Renee from So Cal.

What a wonderful evening it was and Fast Horse was terrific! Everyone wants you back Fast Horse and we will for sure have you come back. Awesome reads, Awesome dinner by Tracy and Awesome company. Thank you everyone, you are fun company

Thank You for your support.

Doing reading at the MUM Expo.

In Allentown, PA.

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Fast Horse hopes you can find everything you seek. Fast Horse is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - he will do everything he can to meet your expectations.

We hope to see you again!